02 July 2021
by DailyCaring Editorial Team

Make 4th of July activities fun for seniors

When older adults are included in group celebrations like 4th of July festivities, they feel more connected with family and friends and more engaged in life.

But some traditional activities might not be well-suited for seniors.

Fortunately, there are many creative ways to adapt Independence Day activities to meet your older adult’s needs.

We’ve rounded up more than a dozen ideas for adapting traditional 4th of July activities for seniors so they can join the fun while staying comfortable and calm.

10 activities for seniors who prefer to stay in

Many older adults aren’t able to go out, but would still enjoy participating in holiday celebrations. A wonderful way to enjoy the 4th of July is to bring the festivities to them.

5 great group activities

  1. Throw a backyard barbecue at their house. Your older adult can participate when they want or just people-watch. This lets them join the fun, but keeps them from getting overtired or overstimulated, something that’s especially important for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  2. Have a patriotic sing-a-long! Play a karaoke soundtrack from your computer or mobile device – try America the BeautifulMy Country ‘Tis of TheeThis Land is Your Land, or Yankee Doodle Boy
  3. Ooh and ahh together while watching parades and fireworks on TV.
  4. Watch a great movie classic like Singin’ in the Rain or Lawrence of Arabia.
  5. Play simple card games or classic board games.

4 ways to have fun with food
Involve your older adult in cooking and food preparation as much as they’re able and willing. It may help them feel even more involved and included when they’re able to contribute to the meal.

  1. Make traditional foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and coleslaw.
  2. Prepare a simple patriotic dessert – try one of these Jello red, white, and blue holiday recipes or these colorful fruit skewers.
  3. Involve them in fruit or veggie preparation or ask them to put prepared salad ingredients in a big bowl.
  4. Organize an ice cream social. You could even make it a sundae bar by including a variety of toppings.

1 way to get crafty

  1. Create paper flags and other decorations to hang everywhere! Try this fun star wreath.

6 activities for seniors who enjoy going out

Many seniors still enjoy traditional celebrations like going to a relative or friend’s house for a lively barbecue. Others love to see live fireworks in the evening.

6 ways to make festive outings senior-friendly

  1. Limit direct sun exposure by seating them in a cool and shady spot.
  2. Bring a light jacket or blanket to keep them warm at night.
  3. Standing is tiring. Make sure they always have a comfortable seat that supports their back. Bring a cushionportable chair, or wheelchair if needed.
  4. Bring their favorite beverages and frequently encourage them to drink so they’ll stay hydrated.
  5. Take regular bathroom breaks to increase comfort and reduce or eliminate the chance of an accident.
  6. For seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, limit the time spent at large gatherings to reduce the chance they’ll get agitated, anxious, or angry.

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